Skeem – New for 2021!

We love the new editions to Skeem for Spring 2021! Great smells and relaxing vibes with Skeem’s gorgeous, signature  aesthetics!

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Many people know of Palo Santo as the mystical wood from South America, but few people know that it is also commonly burned to keep bugs away. We love the idea of blending Palo Santo with citronella, a proven all-natural insect repellent. The scent is a woodsy blend that mixes tea tree and cedar with citrus undertones to provide an alluring fragrance for your outdoor gatherings while keeping biting bugs at bay.


Everyone loves a summer evening with the flickering of tea lights scattered across a long table or garden. Why not have them work double duty, and in addition to providing that romantic sparkling candlelight also have them keep biting bugs at bay? We have done exactly that by adding our signature and best-selling Citronella Sea Salt scent to these hand poured tea lights. They give a warm glow to our ladybug tea light holder.


The beautiful natural colors and textures of rocks, crystals, and gemstones were the inspiration behind this collection. They have long been known to hold sacred energy and aid in healing. Each glass candle is wrapped in a full-color paper label that glows when the candle is lit. Topped by a metallic gold lid, they will add a bit of boho chic to your space. All styles contain blends of essential oils and are poured from our exclusive soy wax blend.


Our original Totem collection is a best seller for the holidays, so we thought it made a lot of sense to introduce a Spring version. As with the original, each candle has a lid that is actually a tin filled with matches with a striker on the bottom. The matte white glass is silk-screened in gold ink with designs inspired by ancient weaving patterns that will add a bit of global modernism to your home.