Typhoon – Father’s Day Gift Guide

From outdoor dining essentials  to gifting ideas to suit every dad, check out our favorite picks for creating a perfect Father’s Day with Typhoon this year!

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Featuring a classic teardrop handle design, Viners Select 6 Piece Steak Knives Gift Set is an ideal gift for meat lovers. Crafted from the finest quality stainless steel, the sharp serrated blade ensures thick cuts of meat can be sliced with ease

This set comes packaged in a beautiful matte black and silver foil gift box, adding an extra touch of luxury. With a mirror finish, Select steak knives are rust resistant, dishwasher safe and come with a 25 year guarantee.

0304.059 | 6 Pce Steak Knives Giftbox | Case PK 4

The Kilner® Sourdough Starter Set contains everything you need to make a successful sourdough starter, an essential for those who love to bake fresh and delicious homemade sourdough bread, pancakes, pizza and naan breads!

The set includes two 12 US fl oz Kilner® wide mouth jars allowing a second batch to be created while the first batch is in use. The specially designed, precise measuring lid makes it incredibly easy to maintain a successful starter. Also included in the gift box is a silicone spatula, a stainless steel lid, two rubber bands for measuring growth, six labels and a recipe booklet including easy step by step instructions.

0025.035 | Sourdough Starter Set | Case PK 6

Whether you like your pizzas from Naples, New York or Chicago, the World Foods Pizza range has all you need to bake or serve your homemade pizzas from the oven to the table.

Our decorated pizza plates are made from quality porcelain and feature pizza box style decorations. At 12″, they are the perfect size for homemade or shop-bought pizza and are oven and dishwasher safe.

1401.110 | Napoli 12″ Pizza Plate | Case PK 4
1401.111 | New York 12″ Pizza Plate | Case PK 4

For the kings of the kitchen, the Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen range has everything you need to cook up a storm.

From bench scrapers and juicers to mixing bowls and measuring jugs, every item in the range has been designed with multifunctionality and improved function in mind. Bringing a modern twist to the traditional function, Innovative Kitchen provides smart solutions to any kitchen.

2008.196 | 4 in 1 Bench Scraper | Case PK 6
2008.192 | Juicer & Store | Case PK 6
2008.198 | Mixing Bowl | Case PK 3
2008.185 | 35 fl oz Measuring Jug | Case PK 4