Geotanical Collection from Broken Top

“Geotanical” is the name of Broken Top’s newest collection of luxury products geared towards men. Aligning with all Broken Top’s products, their Geotanical Collection is  vegan and gluten free, as well as paraben and phthalate free!

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Geotanical Body Wash is built to suds up, clean up, and freshen up a large human. It includes organic aloe leaf juice which will often prompt skin to say, “thank you!”

New Scent: Bold and complex, Tobacco Teak is an eclectic combination of scents. It’s spicy like clove yet sweet like a tobacco leaf, even offering intriguing notes of full grain leather. Calling it exotic would be an understatement.

Geotanical Solid Cologne is a salve-like product designed to make only the user fragrant, not the entire room. Wrapped in the perfect little take-with you tin, freshening up anywhere is no issue.

New Scent: Black Coral Tide touches on sweet, musky notes that are reminiscent of high end colognes. Perfectly harnessing that “clean” scent it might as well have the naturally self-cleansing properties of the ocean.

Geotanical Man Spray is for quickly sprucing up your living space, just “Man Spray” the bad smells away! Fun fact, Man Spray is skin safe and doubles as a body mist in a pinch.

New Scent: Birch Charcoal features cooling eucalyptus and sweet smoke to light up your senses, followed by pungent wooded notes of cypress. It’s like when rain hits the hot ground and all those magical woodsy scents are unlocked.

Geotanical Soy Candles have a clean, slow burn that doesn’t compromise the air quality. With subtle yet sophisticated scent profiles, they’re easily enjoyable for daily use.

New Scent: Sitka Woodland is suggestive of dry gin on a hot day, fresh notes of spruce and cedar are palpable, with a slice of red currant and a dash of sweet balsam ensuing. Whether shaken or stirred, it’s a classic woodland wonder!