5 Ways to be Holiday Ready with hydraAromatherapy

1. Take a chance
Fourth-quarter sales are hard to predict. Purchase a few things you normally wouldn’t. You never know what will be a popular item this year. Maybe it’s hydraAromatherapy Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer.

2. Incentivize new customers
The increase in one-time buyers around the holidays is great for building a customer base. Give new shoppers a coupon to use on a future purchase or a free gift with purchase, like a perfectly purse-sized hydraAromatherapy® Essential Oil Roll-On.

3. Get organized
Make sure you have everything on your list covered for the rest of 2021. Check your inventory and shipping supplies and order what you need. Every holiday sale counts!

Reminder: All carriers forecast delays in shipping this holiday season. hydra Brands orders placed after Nov. 29 may not arrive in time for holiday shoppers.


4. Kindness counts
Sometimes things go wrong, despite your best efforts. Excellent customer service helps. Have a plan to deal with delays in shipping and out of stock items. When all else fails, take a moment to breathe. A mist of Bolli & Fritz® Body Spritz should do the trick.

5. Socialize
Show shoppers your holiday products on social media. Give a glimpse of your store, tag products, or host a giveaway! If you need help with product or lifestyle photos, let us know what you need!