Lines We Represent

A destination showroom—that's our goal. We offer the industry's best products in the categories of kitchen, gourmet, home, garden, kids, bath & body, books, general gifts, fashion, and accessories. With our broad variety and unique product lines, you will always find something new and exciting from Twist!

Shiraleah (HOME + FASHION)

Shiraleah is committed to environmentally and socially responsible fashion accessories, gifts and home products in unique styles that consumers love. We design our own products and work directly with local artisans and producers to assure quality and workmanship. Their goal is to combine renewable natural resources, reclaimed materials, environmentally friendly technologies and traditional techniques to produce home and fashion goods that show we care. In the end, however, Shiraleah knows what really attracts customers is the distinctive fashion statements made by the products they buy, from purses and jewelry to tableware and furniture.

Minimum Orders: $250
Minimum Reorders: $200
Credit Cards Accepted: MC, Visa, American Express
Territory Covered: MN, ND, SD, IA

Shiraleah creates on trend fashion home and holiday collections that are made from reclaimed, recycled and eco-friendly materials. Great design can be eco-conscious!

68% of consumers say they will pay more for a product/service if they feel like they are getting a better customer service experience. - Consumer Experience Impact Report, 2011