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In 2018, Tyrone Hazen founded Puffin in Bend, Oregon. His idea for The OG beverage sleeping bag materialized one night around the campfire with friends as most great inventions do. With every sip of his lukewarm beer coddled sadly in his shivering hands, Tyrone longed for more in life… and that’s when it happened.

A buddy across the fire was picking up on Tyrone’s warm beer vibes and handed him a piece of an old sleeping bag to wrap around his cold drink. Huzzah!! Not only did his bottle look very fetching, but every sip was as icy as the last.

With a joyful laugh heard through the hills of Deschutes County, Oregon, Tyrone thought to himself, “Wouldn’t it be fun if my beer bottle had its own sleeping bag?!”

And that, fellow lovers of cold beverages, is how Puffin drinkwear was born.

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