How To Shop By Catalog

Our new online marketplace allows you to shop by catalog! Review the instructions below and see
how this will make your online ordering experience even better!

If you don’t have an account yet, be sure to visit this page for instructions on how to register.

For a PDF version of these instructions, CLICK HERE.

1. Log in to our online ordering system and select the brand you want to shop. Clicking the catlog image will allow you to download the catalog, clicking the Shop by Catalog button will open the catalog flipbook.

2. Click on any text surrounded by a blue box to view more info

3. Adjust the quantity or add a note as neccessary, then click ADD PRODUCT

4. You will see a success message on the top right side

5. When you are ready to check out, click the cart icon at the top

6. Review your items and click the CHECKOUT ALL button

7. Enter your billing address and click CONTINUE TO CHECKOUT

8. Enter your payment method and click CONTINUE TO CHECKOUT. (Note: Your credit card information on file will not pre-populate these fields.)

9. Review your order and click SUBMIT ORDER at the bottom

10. Your order has been sumbitted if you see this message:

All orders will be reviewed by your Twister before they are submitted to the vendor
to make sure you’re meeting minimums and getting the best deals possible!